Easy crafts and tutorials to use in your Spanish classes

Easy crafts and tutorials to use in your Spanish classes

 With that being said, it’s important to plan the activity beforehand and know which words/phrases you want to use with your students.  When in doubt, keep the instructions short and tailored to the level of the class.  Before beginning any craft take the time to go over the necessary materials eliciting the names of the school supplies in Spanish from the class and even having them predict what craft you’re going to make.  You can include high frequency structures by asking and answering questions before starting the project.  ¿Tienes una regla? ¿Necesitamos tijeras?   Make sure to go through the process step by step with the students completing the step before you move on to the next.  As you move through the steps you can write them on the board or have a fast finisher write it for you.  Once you’ve completed the craft you can have students practice orally by having students repeat the process back to you.  Another variation of practice would be to erase the steps once you’ve finished the project and have your students rewrite them on the board or in small groups before telling them to you.


Now that we’ve gone through some of our tips for using crafts and tutorials in children’s Spanish classes, here are some of our favorite crafts we’re doing this year!



Build this fortune teller and practice colors and WH- questions in Spanish.  Use the pre-made template with questions or have your students write their own questions on the blank template. Follow the written instructions on the template or follow along with this video to learn how to make it.


Time and routines

This is the perfect way to practice something that relates directly to your students lives: times and routines! Template and video tutorial available.  



 Each students creates a picture frame with general information about themselves and descriptions using the high frequency structures SOY, TENGO y LLEVO.  Template and video tutorial available.  Print a template for each student and have them follow along to the video, making sure to pause so that everyone can stay on track and so that you can ask questions about the process :).


My house

Use this craft to get your students talking about the rooms of the house.  Print a copy of the template for each student before following along with the steps in the video tutorial.  Practice important high frequency structures by answering the questions found on the template.   


We’ve been building up our tutorial and craft library, so make sure to check them out by clicking here.    And, if you’re interested in using art in Spanish class you can read our tips and ideas on which artists to use in our blog posts Teaching Spanish to kids through art and Teaching Spanish to kids through art (Part 2).

For crafts with paper (origami and paper airplanes) you can find Spanish tutorials on Juntines Planes Youtube site

Thanks for reading along with us today!  As always, we’d love to hear how you use crafts and tutorials in your Spanish classes.  Let us know by commenting below or on our Facebook page.  Until next time, best of luck getting back into the routine of the New Year and keep on rocking!