Fall activities for Spanish class!

Fall activities for Spanish class!


For many it’s already that time of the year for hats, scarves, colorful leaves and of course, pumpkin spice everything!  Inside our Spanish classrooms routines are starting to take root and we’re thrilled to see how much our kids are enjoying learning Spanish.  Here are some of the teaching resources we’re using this fall in our classrooms (and some that extend outside of four walls!)



Spanish worksheets for kids:


1. Halloween picture dictionary + whole class speaking exercise

This Halloween picture dictionary can be used as an arts and crafts activity and then kept as a picture dictionary or cut up into cards that can be used to play the game of memory in pairs.  Use it to practice Halloween vocabulary in Spanish or extend it into a whole class speaking activity that practices likes and dislikes in a natural way.


 Spanish speaking activity to practice fall vocabulary and I like/I don’t like:

Students sit in a circle.  One student chooses a vocabulary card that has been printed, colored, cut up and placed face down in the center of the circle.  They must then for a sentence with the vocabulary word they have chosen using I like or I don’t like.

For example:

A mí me gusta la bruja.

For beginner classes or younger classes you can keep it simple but whole class inclusive by asking the others students in the circle to give a physical response to indicate whether or not they like the witch.  Thumbs up for I like it, and thumbs down for I don’t like it.


For higher level classes you can practice también by having the next student in the circle answer “A mí también" if they like the witch and “A mí no” if they don’t

The next person in the circle: A mí también (if they like the witch)

must say mi tambien if they like the witch, and if not they could simply say no.


Practice tampoco when using a negative statement.


A mí no me gusta el búho.

Again, go around the circle with students responding either “A mí tampoco” if they don’t like the owl, or “A mí sí” if they do.



2. Interactive fall worksheets

Learn about fall through these interactive worksheets that combine Spanish vocabulary, coloring and facts about fall into a visual resource that kids can keep and reference in the future.  Practice reading aloud, highlighting the facts about fall and asking any additional questions related to fall activities in your area before coloring to remember fall vocabulary.



+  Take it up and out of the classroom with a fall scavenger hunt!  Create a list of all of the fall related vocabulary you’ve learned.  Make sure that each student has a copy of the list (they can write it in their notebooks or you can type it up and print it out).  Have them tick off each word when they see it outside the classroom, asking them to remember where they saw it so they can tell the class.






Spanish videos for kids:


1.  Fall video 

Videos are one of our favorite ways to reach learners.  They combine good tunes, natural language and attractive images that help create solid examples and memorable experiences.  This video is especially good for young learners.



Speaking activity:  Make a list of what we say goodbye to when fall comes AND what we say hello to!


Decimos adiós a las hojas… adiós hojas! (wave bye bye)

Decimos hola a las calabazas…. hola calabazas!



2. La bruja loca  

This video about a witch is really a song and short story in one animated video that will get your kids in the mood for Halloween fun! 






Spanish songs for kids:


1. Fall song 

This fall song can be used with very young and young learners.  For the youngest of learners make movements to the song to help create an activity that provides an opportunity for both oral and physical responses.  For older students combine the song with the lyrics to to practice fall vocabulary and simple sentence structure.  



Take it outside of the classroom with this leaf observation activity and dramatic poem! 





2. Halloween song

An animated song with monsters galore!  This song covers everything halloween with a  call and answer portion that practices the vocabulary with visual images of flying bats and “scary” monsters.



We'd love to hear what activites you do in your classroom to make fall a special time for your students and to teach Spanish in a natural and fun way!  Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page!  Thanks for reading and keep rocking on!