Fall teaching resources for Spanish classes for kids

Fall teaching resources for Spanish classes for kids

It’s the beginning of fall and in most places that means crisp morning air, shorter but still beautiful days, and the ever exciting changing of the leaves!   Not to mention all of the fun holidays and flavorful treats in the upcoming months.  This fall we’re celebrating in our Spanish classes for kids with these fall themed resources.


Music is one of our favorite ways to reach our Spanish learners of all ages.  Whether they can sing along or just dance to the song, we’ve found that it’s a naturally fun way to get kids interacting with the language and practicing vocabulary in a stress free way.  Sing along to this free Fall song (one of our Spanish songs for kids) and printable lyrics page or follow along with this video.


Explore the song and theme further by projecting the song lyrics page on the board and asking these simple questions:


¿Hace sol?

¿Hace calor?

¿Hace mucho o poco frío?


¿Los árboles son verdes?

¿De qué color se ponen las hojas de los árboles?


¿Es verano?

¿Es primavera?

¿Es otoño?


¿Los días son más largos o más cortos?

¿Qué dicen las hojas?

¿Qué colores podemos ver en el otoño?


Practice the fall vocabulary and high frequency structure GUSTAR with this ask, answer and swap speaking activity.  Print a set of the FALL FLASHCARDS and remind the students of the sentence structure:  Me gusta + flashcard word.   As a class transform the sentence into a question: ¿Te gusta la calabaza? ¿Te gustan las uvas?  Here you can quickly draw attention to the singular versus the plural before practicing orally. Give each student a flashcard.  Students mingle and ask their classmates if they like it.  After the exchange is finished, students should swap flashcards before finding a new partner.  Repeat as many times as you want stopping periodically to ask students what they’ve learned about their classmates likes/dislikes.   


Student 1:  ¿Te gusta la calabaza?

Student 2: Sí. / No.  (Me gusta la calabaza / No me gusta la calabaza)

          ¿Te gustan las uvas?

Student 1: Sí. / No.  (Me gustan las uvas/ No me gustan las uvas)     


Take a “break” and explore fall vocabulary by reading this yogic journey of a girl and her passion for photography: Tina y un otoño de fotografía  



Take Spanish out of the classroom by asking your students to collect leaves and bring them in.  You can analyze the leaves, the different colors and sizes, before creating an art project.  Get ideas here.



Our final resource for today is a fall themed poem that you can act out as a class.  This poem is perfect because it includes vocabulary that your students will have seen/heard in our Rock A Lingua resources, however if you’re looking to branch out there are so many options available for all different age ranges.  

Poesía para el otoño

Los pájaros marchan, (arms flapping like a bird)

Buscando el calor. (Hand above your eyes like you’re looking for something)

Las hojas se caen, (Drop down to the floor)

Y cambian de color.

El día es más corto, (Arms out wide, bring hands in to mimic short)

Calienta poco el sol. (Shiver and rub arms)

Las setas y las uvas,

Que ricas son!  (eating something delicious)


Thanks for reading along, we hope the resources are not only useful for your classes, but help make planning easier.  We’d love to hear what you do to celebrate fall either by commenting below or on our Facebook page.  Until next time, keep on rocking!