Farm Animal Activities in Spanish

Farm Animal Activities in Spanish

A farm animal theme provides a context for learning many useful words and verbs. In addition to animal words, the theme provides the opportunity to learn vocabulary related to farm products. The following farm animal activities in Spanish can be used at a range of levels.

Farm Animal Activities in Spanish: Song

Kids learn new vocabulary and structures with farm animal activities in Spanish.

The song La granja is an excellent activity to begin a unit on farm animals. It introduce key vocabulary for animals and the sounds they make, along with language to talk about farm products like huevos, lana and leche. Listen to La granja and download the free illustrated lyric sheet.

Display the illustrations on the lyric sheet as students listen to the song the first time. Help students follow along and reinforce meaning by pointing to the pictures.

After you have sung the song through at least once, point to the pictures on the lyric sheet to reinforce the vocabulary by asking forced-choice questions. Remember to give students an opportunity to answer first. If they hesitate, then offer the choice. Ask questions like these:

  • ¿De quién es la granja? ¿Es de Clara o es de Diego?
  • ¿Qué hay en la granja? ¿Hay muchas personas o muchos animales?
  • ¿Qué animal es esto? ¿Es un perro o un cerdo? (repeat with various animals)
  • ¿Cómo hace un pato? ¿Hace cuac, cuac o hiiii? (repeat with various animals)
  • ¿Qué nos da la vaca? ¿Nos da leche o lana? (repeat with oveja and gallina)
  • ¿Cuando pone huevos la gallina? ¿Todas las mañanas o todas las tardes?

Farm Animal Activities in Spanish: Movement

Movement is an important part of language learning, so be sure to incorporate actions into your farm animal activities in Spanish.

  • Have students act out animals as they sing La Granja.
  • Try a farm animal yoga sequence. Kids Yoga Stories has an excellent sequence of farm animal poses.
  • Practice interpretive language skills by calling out different animals as students move in a circle. Students move like the animal and make the animal sound.
  • Play charades. Use this picture dictionary or the illustrations on the song lyric sheet to make prompts that students draw and act out.

Farm Animal Activities in Spanish: Printable Practice

Farm animal activities in Spanish like this reading teach students about farm products.

There are many types of printables available to use for farm animal activities in Spanish.

This worksheet set has 17 pages of activities with excellent exercises for learning about farm animals and products. It also includes an illustrated reading with true-false and comprehension questions, word searches at two levels of difficulty, and other activities to be used at a range of levels.

You can use task cards for many farm animal activities in Spanish. Find a free set and ideas for using them here: Spanish Task Cards: Animal Vocabulary.

If you are working with preschoolers or the early grades, there are many free farm animal printables online that are not language specific or where you can remove the English words. For example, DLTK’s Growing Together has farm animal sudoku and Activity Village has simple farm animal bingo cards.

Video for Farm Animal Activities in Spanish

This video is one of many excellent farm animal activities in Spanish from Rockalingua.

Videos for learning farm animals in Spanish are high-interest and especially effective with visual learners.

The music video of La granja encourages students to sing along with the lyrics on the screen. Using the video as a group is a good way to keep all students engaged. Pause the video to:

  • Ask the questions in the song section above.
  • Ask ¿Qúe es? ¿De qué color es…?, ¿Cómo es? and ¿Cuántos hay? about the animals and other things in the video (el sol, el cielo, las nubes, los árboles, el establo, la valla, el balde, el espantapájaros, la huerta, etc.)

Farm Animal Games in Spanish

Interactive games are excellent farm animal activities in Spanish.

Students love playing games, and both online games and active games are a great way to learn!

Interactive online games let students work independently to practice vocabulary related to farm animals. These games include a drag and match and a concept race at two different levels. See interactive games for La granja.

Pato, pato, ganso (Duck, Duck, Goose) is a classic game that fits right into a farm animal theme. You can change the animals, but remember it is easier to say short words quickly.

Students sit in a circle on the floor facing the center. One student goes around the outside of the circle tapping each head and saying pato each time. After several times, the student says ¡ganso! The ganso jumps up and chases the first student around the outside of the circle. If the first student reaches the empty place first and sits down, he or she is safe. If the ganso tags the first student, that student starts over again.

Cambiar de lugar

This is another active game that gives students a chance to practice the vocabulary.

Give a farm animal picture to each student. Students form a circle, holding the picture where everyone can see it. One student is in the center and calls out the names of two farm animals. The students with those animals must quickly leave their places in the circle and try to trade places with each other. The student in the center tries to get to one of their places first. The student left without a place starts the next round by calling out two animals.

As you can see, there are many farm animal activities in Spanish to engage students. Share your favorites in comments!