Fun activities to review colors

Fun activities to review colors


 Fun activities to practice colors after learning  "Colorín Colorado", our song about colors and numbers:

Cut  color "cards" of cardboard, about double the size of a poker card. The Spanish colors that we use in the song are blanco, azul, verde, marrón, amarillo, naranja, rosa, rojo, morado, negro, gris.  I cut about 25 of each  colour and I make sets of cards one for each student.  I give a set of cards to each student and we do exactly what Luna (the Indian from the video) does on the video: 

Students place the cards on their desks, in the  same order that are sang on the song. When evreyone is ready (make sure they have the cards on the right order) we start listening to the songs and singing along. On the part of the song that numbers are being sang, students have to sing and show with their fingers the number being sang (just like the video) and when the colors are being sang students have to get the color and show it (just like Luna does), this gets really fun, and sometimes crazy, as long as the song gets faster and faster. When "amarillo es el sol" is sang  we draw a sun with our hands  and when "gris es mi caballo" is being sang we do as if we were riding a horse.

For  some students in lower grades it is hard to keep up showing the colors when the song speeds up so I give them the option to just point at the colors istead of doing what Luna does in the video.

Another fun and easy activity that students love is a guessing game about  colors. Get a "big cardboard" and glue one of the set of colors you did for the last activity on it. Write the name of each color in the middle of each  "card" so they can see the name of the colors, this really help the "not so good students" and everyone will be willing to play. It should be something like this:

Place the cardboard with all the colours in a place where all students can see them. You (or a student) think about a colour and the students have to guess your color. The student that gets your color gets to think about another color for the next round and so on. It is really simple but they love it. It is a great activity to do the last 5 minutes of the class when you run out of ideas!

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Stay tuned new Spanish songs for kids at very soon!

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