Las frutas


Start by introducing basic vocabulary with "las frutas" song print out the lyrics and drawings of the song and have them learn it. They can also color the drawings as a "time filler" activity if you run out ideas at the end of the class.




Once they know the song have them watch  "las frutas" video  I personally thing is better to show students the videos after they alredy know the song.



After they master the vocabulary of the song and video it is time to amplify and review everything they have learned with the worksheet. Check out some samples bellow.



We have included reading comprehension activities so students can practice reading and writing. 



We are also including dialogues (in a comic format.) Practice the reading with your students and have them act it out!  Great to bring real life situations into the classroom



These are only some samples of our 13 pages long worksheet to teach fruits in Spanish to kids. Print the worksheet to get more ideas for your Spanish class!

Saty tuned more fun Spanish teaching materials coming up soon!