Learn Colors in Spanish

Learn Colors in Spanish

Learning colors in Spanish helps kids describe their surroundings, identify objects and people, and express their preferences. Although we continue to teach colors in context with other vocabulary, it is useful to isolate the words to give kids a head start on these important tasks.

Colorín Colorado is an entertaining music video to introduce colors in Spanish. It is the perfect place to start learning color words. Watching the video, kids relate the words they hear to the images and begin to learn new vocabulary. The video is focused and perfectly supports the Spanish, so kids understand without translation.

Kids will pick up the song as they watch the video. Soon they will be able to sing along, correctly pronouncing the colors in Spanish. That is a great moment to include movement by using the color song and lyric sheet. Movement helps kids process language at a deeper level.

Make copies of the lyric sheet for kids to color. Then encourage them to touch each of the colors and numbers as they sing along to the Spanish color song. The song goes faster and faster, and kids love the challenge of matching the beat as they touch and sing the colors in Spanish.

Movement and hands-on activities enhance language learning. The worksheet with colors in Spanish can be used in other ways to help kids learn the colors in Spanish.

- Kids color all the pictures and numbers on the worksheet. Ask questions about what colors kids chose: El 8, ¿de qué color es?  ¿Qué color es el cactus?
- Add the worksheet to interactive notebooks. Kids can make colored flaps to cover the words and use the interactive notebook to practice independently.
- Have kids cut out the color words and the surrounding color and use the shapes for word sorts. They can sort by number of syllables, alphabetical order, number of letters, etc. They can also work in pairs and play memory using the color shapes.

Kids will quickly be able to understand and recognize the colors in Spanish. To cement this new vocabulary, try this online Spanish color game.

The first color game is a drag and match. This format allows children to control the colors they identify first. By allowing players to narrow the options as they play, the game increases the probability of their success. This also increases their learning! The second game is a concept race. Kids write the words for the colors in Spanish as they see them. It is an excellent activity to be sure they have truly mastered the vocabulary.

As children acquire more Spanish, it is important to spiral vocabulary through their lessons. The Colorín Colorado video, song, worksheet and game make it easy to incorporate colors in Spanish into your class plans. With these easy-to-use materials, kids keep singing, playing and learning in Spanish!