New school year, new videos ;)

New school year, new videos ;)

I really love these 2 new songs and videos. They are fun, catchy and really useful. As most of you may know I am a Spanish teacher myself (grades 3-5 this year)  I test all the new songs with my students before I record them.  I wrote these 2 songs last year and they worked great with my students.

These are the lyrics and drawings of the song "Cosas de la Escuela"

As you can see there is a whole bunch of useful vocabulary and your students will learn all of it  in a fun and engaging way. Dani, our amazing animator has done a great job with the video, your students are gonna love it! here is a frame of the video:



As usually we have developed  Spanish worksheets for kids with many activities and  picture dictionaries for your students to review and broden their knowledge on the topics we cover on the songs. The worksheet and picture dictionaries related to school objects and subsjects will be upload to the website next Monday so stay tuned!

These are the lyrics and drawings of the song "Buenos Días" that teaches basic greetings and daily routines in Spanish:


And here is a frame of the video of the song,  one of  my favourite videos by the way.



You can check out the "Buenos Días" worksheet here and the  picture dictionary here

We are turning 3 more songs into videos. You can click on the titles to listen to them ¿Cómo te llamas?  , ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy? (difficult version) and ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy? (easy version)  these songs are also great for the first weeks of school since they cover very useful vocabulary and grammar structures.

Stay tuned, more Spanish teaching resources for kids to make your job easier coming up soon!

We wish you a terific school year!

The Rockalingua Team,


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