New Spanish games for kids!

New Spanish games for kids!

What a fun way to practice clothing in Spanish!






Every school year my students used to strugle with  Wh-questions in Spanish. This has always been a tricky and confusing topic for kids. Tha's why I wrote the song ¿Adónde vas?  that teaches Wh-questions in Spanish. Watch the video of the song if you have not already, it is one of my favourites. The  set of Spanish interactive games for kids that we have designed to teach / learn interrogative pronoums in Spanish will help your students to master this really important words and sentences in a fun and easy way.


More challenging now. Your students will have to write full sentences!

And these are the set of games to teach/ learn professions in Spanish


 Our educational games will engage your students and will help them learn important vocabulary in a fun and easy way.

All games work on computers and tablets. If you have any questions about the games please contact us at

Stay tuned new songs, videos  and worksheets coming up soon!

Let's get our students playing!