¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?

¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?

I ask students " Mirad por la ventana. ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?  and they have to respond using full sentences.

We have made 2 different videos to teach weather in Spanish to kids. An easy version of ¿Qué tiemp hace hoy? for k-2 and a difficult version for 3rd graders and older students.

It is a really fun song. As always I have my students do TPR while singing the song. TPR is fun, engaging and really effective to learn and retain new vocabulary. I encourage you to use it as much as possible, it makes singing so much fun. When I entroduce a new song I always translate it (one sentence at a time) and I ask my students  ¿qué movimiento podemos hacer para esta frase? (what movement can we do for this sentence?) They love to share ideas and we all choose the movement that they think is best or funner.

We have also developed a worksheet and a picture dictionary to reinforce and broaden everything learned on the song.

Here is a sample of the ¿Qué tiermpo hace hoy? Spanish worksheet for kids

This is a sample of the Spanish picture dictionary about weather for kids


I hope you find this useful and stay tuned new materials coming up soon!

Have a great week!