Spanish Games for Kids

Spanish Games for Kids

At Rockalingua we firmly believe that the key to learning is to enjoy what you are trying to learn. We are doing our best to create fun materials so students around the world have fun while learning Spanish. One of our goals when we created Rockalingua was to build a website where students wouldn't felt they were on an educational website "studying" to learn new vocabulary or grammar structures but instead having fun and enjoying their time exploring the site, watching our Spanish videos, listening to our songs  and playing to our games. Rockalingua's Spanish games for kids are a great tool for students to learn while playing and they are finally working on Ipads and computers!

We have designed two type of games so far,  "Drag and Match" and "Concept Race"


Our drag and match games are an easy way to review the vocabulary learned in the songs. There is a different  "drag and match" game for each topic that we cover.  On this games students  have to drag each word to the correct picture (color, part of the body, action, feeling... depending on the topic they are reviewing). Everytime students place the cursor on a word or tap the word on an IPAD they will heard the word. ¡What a great way to review vocab and pronunciation!

2. Concept Race

These games are a little more challenging. Students have to type the Spanish name of the "object" before it gets to the other side of the screen and disspears! Each topic (numbers, feelings, colors, parts of the body ...) has its own concept race game with different levels of difficulty. If students mistype a word, the right spelling will pop up, and later on the game they will have another change to type it right. Everytime students enter an answer they will hear the pronunciation of the Spanish word of the "object" they were suppose to type so students are not only practicing writing but also learning the right pronunciation of the words! And all through play!

Of course the best way to get to know more about our games is to play so click on the link bellow and enjoy them!

Rockalingua's Spanish games for kids

the Rockalingua Team