Spanish teaching resources. Useful Links (I)

Spanish teaching resources. Useful Links (I)

In the beginning I was desperately trying to figurat out what curriculum to follow and where to find good teaching activities to do in class. In the end, the lack of good teaching resources pushed a lot of Spanish teachers, me among them, to start developing their own materials, writing their own songs and sharing ideas with other Spanish teachers. We all want to give quality education to our students so who better than teachers to create materials for teachers?

These days, Spanish is getting more and more attention from schools and there are a more teaching resources available. This is mainly thanks to teachers and small companies created by teachers, like Rockalingua. Spanish teachers are no longer alone!

At presently it is not that challenging to find good materials to teach Spanish. There are dozens o f great blogs written by teachers who share their ideas and where everyone can “borrow” a little bit of one another’s work.

Two of the great blogs that I have been following for awhile are:




Jenny and Caro are tireless bloggers that you can always rely on. They are constantly updating and writing new posts. They have amazing resources, ideas and links to great Spanish materials that will help you do your job much more easily and make it more fun! so if you are a Spanish teacher, check them out!

I will post an interview with both of them soon so stay tuned!

Make sure to follow their facebook pages as well. They post new ideas and useful links every single day!


As some of you may already know I want this blog to be a platform where Spanish teachers share teaching ideas and links to make our job easier!

We are going to raffle a free subscription among those who share teaching ideas or useful links for Spanish teachers. You just have to write a link or give as an idea to be able to win the subscription!

Enjoy the music!