Spanish videos for kids

Spanish videos for kids

If you’ve got young learners and you’re looking for a way to make the summer educational without going crazy planning activities videos can be the perfect resource.  They are something most children are naturally drawn to, cover a wide variety of topics, are eye-catching, and they can be used as a teaching tool without forcing the learning process.  When choosing a video for your kids it’s important to think about the content, the length, and the complexity of the langauge.  Too easy could be boring, but too linguisticly diverse could spell disaster and make langauge learning feel like a burden.  If you haven't already, check out Rockalingua's short and interactive Spanish videos for kids here.  If your kids are already familiar with ours, here are some other videos we recommend.


1.  Super Simple Songs Español (Canciones Infantiles -Super Simple Español). 

These videos are for young learners and can be found in both the English and Spanish version.  The lyrics are simple and interactive, while the colorful characters make it feel like you’re watching a cartoon. Make sure to check out Piedra, Tijera, Papel (you can play it afterward) and Te Gusta el Yogur De Espagueti  for its catchy tune and crazy food combinations. 

2. Once Niños

A step up from the beginner level this channel has segments from the Mexican educational television network Canal Once, music videos and short stories all in the same place.  The videos are short, but the language is more advanced and designed for children a bit older than the Super Simple Songs channel.  An added bonus: Many of the videos are of kids talking about a topic (dreams, descriptions of a monster, etc) which can sometimes be more interesting for learners than watching a cartoon or animated video.  


3.  Semillitas TV

With a wide range of topics from landforms and dinosaurs to breakfast foods, this YouTube channel combines education and fun.  All videos are in Spanish with top-notch animation and include diverse topics, arts and crafts, and videos of all different lengths.  


4. Alex, dibujos educativos preescolar 

This YouTube channel makes learning fun through a series of animated videos that follow the main character Alex on his adventures.  We like it because it shows Alex doing exactly what your kids are doing - exploring the world around him.  Some topics include: the jungle, music, plants, and the ocean.  

5. Masha y el Oso 

This series of videos focuses on Masha and her friend the bear.  Filled with energy and a sense of adventure Masha can’t sit still and instead sets out to explore the world.  The animation is well done and the episodes are longer than the previously mentioned channels.


We’re always looking for new channels, new ideas, and new learning opportunities.  Please feel free to comment about any videos, YouTube channels or TV programs you’d recommend and what you like about them.  We hope that you’re having an amazing start to the summer and we look forward to reading your comments!