Browse our selection of tutorials (classes) below that are designed to assist children with learning Spanish.  We want to help you get the most out of our Spanish program by covering different topics during the year.  Each tutorial includes a description of how you can help your kids prepare to watch it and during the tutorials we’ll go over meaning, pronunciation and we’ll use the resources that you can find on our website in a fun and interactive way.

Concert to sing along with us
Canta con nosotros
Whats your name? + colors
Día de los Muertos
Feelings and daily routines (review)
Daily routines + feelings
Daily routines + weather
Weather + feelings
El otoño / Fall
Directions + class routines
Days of the week + directions
More colors and numbers
Spanish vowels and colors
Colors, numbers + Spanish vowels
Days of the week + weather
Days of the week + weather
Directions + class routines
Introductions + weather
Intro to feelings + days of the wek review
review feelings + introductions
guacamole recipe + fruits review
Hobbies + days of the week
¿where am I? + colors + hobbies review
Números y colores
Tutorials to learn Spanish. Lesson 1 Spanish vowels
vocales en español
Números y colores (tutorial)
Tutorial # 3 presentaciones
Tutorial transportes
Tuesday June 2nd class
Wednesday June 3rd class
Friday June 5th class
Tuesday May 5th Class
Wednesday May 6th class
Tuesday June 9th class
Wednesday June 10th class
Friday June 12th class
Rutinas diarias y números del 10 al 1000
vocales y sentimientos
Colors, numbers and more!
Introductions and transportation
Wednesday June 17th class
Spanish classes for kids through songs, games snd short stories
What's your name and transportation review
Spanish classes for kids
Earth Day intro
Days of the week, weather and more Earth Day!
Days, weather and Earth Day!
Wednesday May 27th class
Tuesday April 28th class
Wednesday April 29th class
Las estaciones
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