Who we are

Welcome to the musical world of Rockalingua!

We are a passionate team of teachers, animators, musicians and computer programmers all with many years of experience in our fields.


Our Mission:

To make learning Spanish fun and easy for kids around the world.

To provide teachers with quality teaching materials to use in their classrooms.


Why cartoons and music?

Kids love cartoons and music so why not mix them to create a powerful learning tool?

Beyond the fun, there is also a strong educational basis: 

Research has shown that music is one of the best ways to learn a foreign language.




César is originally from Madrid, Spain. He has been teaching foreign languages to elementary school students for the past 12 years. He is also a musician and began writing songs to teach Spanish when he first moved to San Francisco in 2007. Music is his main teaching tool and the basis for Rockalingua, a collection of resources for Spanish teachers. César collaborates with a group of Spanish teachers to design activities and brainstorm ideas for future Rockalingua materials.

Image of Dani, animator and designer of Spanish teaching resources

Daniel is an illustrator and animator who has 20 years of experience working for audiovisual companies. He loves books, comics, art, nature and drawings. He is very proud to make a living from his passion for illustration. He would like to create a comic book, run a campsite or a small restaurant in the Netherlands. At the moment, he is having too much fun with animation to spend time doing anything else. He simply knows that if you want something....just draw it. Dani is Rockalingua's art director and coordinates all the animations and illustrations with his team.

Image of Oscar, senior fornt-end programmer, among other things

​Óscar is a senior front-end programmer, specialized in rich content and multimedia. He is also a photographer who has worked as film-maker some years ago. He likes to take long walks over mountains and forests and would be very happy if everybody thought of nature as the great gift to love and take care of it actually is. He also taught Mathematics in secondary school and is nowadays teaching Multimedia Programming at two Spanish Universities in Madrid, ESNE and U-tad. Oscar writes the code for Rockalingua's  interactive games.

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