5 Valentine’s Day activities to do in Spanish class

5 Valentine’s Day activities to do in Spanish class

1.   De colores / Amistad music video   This video celebrates friendship with a story about Paola and her cat.  You can use it to review colors and practice high frequency structures like “yo sé…”, “Así que…”, “Son…” and more!  It’s also a great way to get kids talking about the pets they have and the special bond they share with them.


2.  De colores song and lyrics page practices the vocabulary and HFS you hear in the song in the music video and can be used to help your students learn to read and spell, and sing along to the song!


3.  In the short story El gato de Paola, your students will learn about how Paola meets and adopts her awesome cat!  There are teacher tips, which include ideas to help you tell the short story and questions you can ask your class throughout the short story (questions and page numbers are on the teacher tips sheet).  At the end of the story there are sequencing activities and comprehension questions.  The story cards are available with and without text and can either be shown on an interactive whiteboard, printed and held up in class, or shared from your screen to your students’ screen.




4.  Create Valentine’s Day cards to give to your loved ones.  This Spanish tutorial for kids will show them how to make an easy Valentine’s Day craft in Spanish.  You can print the template here or have students make their own templates.




5.  Celebrate the importance of friendship with the Amigos video  The video and topic is about how important it is to know that no matter what happens, you can call a friend and they will be there for you just like you will be there for them when they need you.  During this strange time we've really focused on how important it is to love the people around you and be there from a distance for those that we can't see right now.  You can find the song and printable lyrics here.  These theme also has a worksheet that you can use to practice the vocabulary seen in the song + more!




We hope these ideas help make your life easier and that your students love the resources!  We'd love to hear how you celebrate in your classrooms so remember to leave us a commment ;)  and enjoy the music!