5 Ways you can learn Spanish outside of the classroom this spring

5 Ways you can learn Spanish outside of the classroom this spring

To supplement the classes we offer, here are some other ideas for how to keep your kids learning Spanish outside of the classroom.



1. Use Spanish flaschards as movement cards

In the recent years learning has moved from paper to activities, especially in kids Spanish classes, and we absolutely love it!  What better way to learn than by doing something that you want to do and learning through it.  You can practice important Spanish verbs with these flashcards  by putting them face down and letting your kids choose one.  They can practice reading the word out loud and then doing the movement on the card.  Once they’ve used it, discard that card and draw another.   Make it digital by displaying the card on the screen and having a your students act it out.



2. Singing and dancing

Some of our songs (Alredador, Un paso a la derecha) already have movements that go with the lyrics.  But, for others you can have your kids or students create dance moves to the song.  Have them listen to the song, create moves to match the lyrics (this is up to interpretation and can be very abstract ;)… ) and then teach them to the class, friends or family members!  They could also film a music video that could be shared in class or with friends and family.  Some fun songs to make dance moves for are hobbies, spring and transportation



3. Establishing a new routine

In school routine is fundamental.  It’s good for the students because it provides repetition, a sense of order and they know what’s going to happen.  For the teacher, it’s the perfect way to get the classroom running without being the center of attention.  Once the students know what’s expected of them they can come in and get to work while the teacher has a few minutes to get organized and ready.  Just because school is on hold doesn’t mean that routines have to be.  And, just because you didn’t set a routine from the beginning of the school closures, doesn’t mean you can’t start one now!  Whether you already have a routine in place or not, here’s an easy way to add some Spanish to it.  Print out a copy from our morning routine resource.  You can make it reusable by putting it in a plastic protector and having your kids fill it out using an erasable marker. Before filling it out make sure to play the song, watch video and you can even watch the tutorial that goes over the weather, days of the week and feelings.

One of our newest resources is a short story that focuses on routines and has comprehension questions and a sequencing activity to practice the high frequency structures… and related vocabulary.


4. Practice mindfulness and Spanish at the same time!

Practice Spanish with yoga by having your kids/students choose a few yoga poses to do throughout the day.  Older studnets/kids can even create a sequence for others to follow.  


Not into yoga?  Choose an exercise instead...


This breath focused practice by Fun for Spanish teachers is the perfect way to combine mindfulness and Spanish with younger learners! 


And last, but not least, here's an extensive list of yoga videos that you you can do with kids in Spanish! 



5. Explore outside (or inside!) with a scavenger hunt

We're coming into the time of year where kids beg to be outside.  Combine playing outside with Spanish by creating a scavenger hunt or taking a walk through nature and counting/checking off the different things you find.  


You can find some great ideas and templates by Spanish Mama for scavenger hunts both inside and outside here


Thanks for reading along with us and we hope you're able to use the ideas, whether it's with your own kids or your students!  As always, we'd love to hear and see how you are using our resources.  Feel free to leave a comment below or on our Facebook page!  Stay safe and keep on rocking in Spanish :)