How to introduce a new song in class

How to introduce a new song in class

The link to download the lyrics it's on a blue box below each song (see sample)



All you have to do is look for the Spanish song  for kids that you want to teach and click on the link to download the lyrics.


Every time you introduce a new topic we recommend you  to:


1. Download the song lyrics and drawings.

2. Hand out copies to your students and go over the meaning with them. Drawings will help students retain what every word/sentence means.

3. Use TPR (Total Physical Response.) Every time you go over the meaning of a word or sentence have your students decide what movement they are going to do to represent that word/sentence while singing that part of the song. TPR it's a very powerful tool I use it all the time when I sing songs with my students. They LOVE to sing while doing the movements they have come up with for each word or sentence.

4. After going over the meaning of the song have students listen to the song without them singing. The first time they listen to the song they should only listen and read the lyrics from their paper.

5. Have them listen to the song again but this time encourage them to sing along and to do the TPR movements while singing.

6. Have them sing the song again.

7. Once they kind of know the song have them watch the video of the song. They will have a lot of fun watching a video of a song they know.

8. If you are working with lower grades have them color the drawings while singing the song.


Take a look to some of our song lyrics and drawings below. Click on the images to listen to the song!


These are simple but effective ways to introduce a new song. I hope you find this guidelines helpful for your classes and feel free to comment or write us with more ideas on how to use songs in class!

Enjoy the music!