Songs to celebrate friendship and love in Spanish classes for kids

Songs to celebrate friendship and love in Spanish classes for kids


1. De colores

This video and song for kids celebrates friendship with a fun story about Paola and her cat. The video is visual and will help students understand the lyrics of the song.  Plus, since a lot of students have pets it’s an easy way for them to make personal connections with the language and participate because it’s something they care about.  Students will learn colors and HFS like “yo sé…”, “Así que…”.  Once you’ve watched the video/listened to the song a few times, make sure to check out the other resources related to the theme: video with questions, short story, worksheets and more!

2. Amigos

This  music video and song is perfect for introducing the importance of friendship with natural language and important structures.  It’s also an awesome way to dive into subjects like being sad and what we can do to help when others are sad, especially when they are our friend.  It’s one of our favorite videos in Spanish to create a positive classroom environment.

Once you’ve watched the video, students can color the lyrics page while listening to the song before checking out the rest of the related resources.  


3. Buena Energía 

This is a feel good video and song that uses language kids can understand to talk about how connected we all are and what we can do to make the world a better place.  Make sure to check out the short story for more practice!



4. Valentine’s Day craft

This easy craft and tutorial is perfect for lots of different levels.  You can ask students to add a message or stick to using key words (personality adjectives) for an easier version.  


We hope these ideas help and if you have any suggestions or ideas please share them in our Rockalingua Teacher group on Facebook or on our Facebook page :)