Winter activities to use in Spanish class

Winter activities to use in Spanish class




Interactive online game


Once you’ve introduced the topic of Christmas and New Year's with the song you can use this interactive story and game.   We'd recommend working through the story the first time with the students to clear up any doubts they might have.  The story is based off of the song/video so if you go through that in depth they should be ready to work through the story.   Students can work through the story at their own pace, listening to the story and looking at the colorful story cards.  When they’ve finished watching the story they can complete the sequencing activity and comprehension questions.


We hope that these new teaching resources will help you be able to bring culture into your classrooms in a simple and easy way.  Another great way to practice Spanish naturally is by doing a craft in the target language.  This Christmas tree card coloring activity and tutorial can be used for a wide range of levels.  For lower levels and younger students you can review the colors, ask your students about their favorite color and color the card while listening to Spanish songs for kids.  For higher levels students can color the card while listening to music in Spanish and then write a message in Spanish on the inside.  They can then share their messages in front of the class or in small groups.





If you’re looking for fun Spanish homework to assign over winter break, we’d recommend reviewing the Top 10 or Top 20 High Frequency Verbs with our online games or reviewing with either the Bubbles or Skateboarding game that we know students love and can be used to review vocabulary related to colors, numbers, feelings, high frequency verbs and much more!




Top 10 High Frequency Verbs picture dictionary (left) + Top 20 High Frequency Verbs picture dictionary (right)

High Frequency verb game


Skateboarding vocabulary review


Skateboarding vocabulary review


Bubbles review game



It’s crazy to think that even though Christmas will come and go in December the first official day of winter is December 21st and it goes until March!  For those of you living in warm sunny climates… we are jealous! ;)  This winter song practices high frequency structures and vocabulary related to clothing.  




Once you’ve listening to the song you can keep practicing with these Spanish worksheets





To help students remember the winter vocabulary and clothing color this picture dictionary and these winter flashcards



Once you’ve practiced winter vocabulary and clothing you can do a listen and draw activity asking your students to listen and while you describe a person (or a character from Rockalingua!) and the clothing he/she is wearing.  Make it into a snowman themed read and draw with this fun comprehension activity!


For more fun ideas on how to celebrate the winter holidays you can check out this blog post :) 


We believe that kids learn language better when they are truly interested and motivated to do something and what better way to get them excited about Spanish than through music, games and crafts!?


As always, we'd love to hear what you do to teach about winter and holidays in your Spanish classes.  Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page.  Also, don't forget to join our RockalinguaTeacher Collaboration Facebook Group!  We wish you all an amazing winter holiday (you deserve a break!) and felices fiestas!!