Browse our selection of crafts below that are designed to assist children with learning Spanish.  Crafts are the perfect way to practice vocabulary kids are learning in a hands on way.  The crafts practice Spanish in the moment and many can be used again to review what your kids are learning!  


comecocos (colores y preguntas)
Altar Día de los Muertos
hora + rutinas
Spanish craft for kids to learn Spanish vocabulary related to weather, date and feelings
fecha, tiempo, sentimientos
Tutorial actividad Acción de Gracias
Manualidad: mi casa
Spanish San Valentines day craft for kids and children
San Valentín
Craft for kids to review Spanish vocabulary related to the city "la ciudad"
Manualidad: la ciudad
Spanish farm animals craft for kids and children
Manualidad: la granja
Craft 3 R's in Spanish. Project to practice reuse, reduce and recicle in Spanish class
Tutorial manualidad "La Tierra"
Christmas tree craft for Spanish class
Manualidad: Navidad
Tutorial Estaciones
Manualidad: La primavera
Tutorial "el mercado"
Spanish crafts for kids to learn Spanish
El reloj de las emociones
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