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Browse our collection of Spanish picture dictionaries and flashcards for kids. Check also the free Spanish music videos, worksheets and interactive games for beginners. Our Spanish teaching resources will help you save time and have more engaged students.

Spanish Top 10 High frequency verbs
los 10 verbos más usados
Top 20 Spanish high frequency verbs
Los 20 verbos más usados
Top 10 verbs (posters para clase)
Top 20 verbs (posters para clase)
Spanish spring vocabulary, picture dictionary and flashcards
La primavera
Adjetivos de personalidad
Un día de escuela. Rutinas
Día de los Muertos Spanish coloring picture dictionary
Día de los Muertos
feelings in Spanish picture dictionary for kids and children
Sentimientos formas masculina y femenina
Flashcards and picture dictionaries about important verbs in Spanish
Verbos/Acciones importantes
Spanish for kids. Picture dictionary about school objects and subjects in Spanish by Rockalingua
Cosas y asignaturas de la escuela
Spanish worksheets for kids to learn the numbers 1 to 50 en Espanol
Los números (1-50)
Números y colores
Spanish picture dictionary to teach farm animals to kids and children
La granja y sus animales
Parts of the body picture dictionary and flashcard for Spanish class.
Las partes del cuerpo
Spanish songs for kids and children
Letras y dibujos de las canciones
Spanish picture dictionary and flashcards for kids about weather in Spanish
¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?
Las estaciones
Spanish worksheets for children to expand their Spanish vocabulary for words about feelings
Sentimientos. Estados de ánimo
Descriptive adjectives in Spanish. Picture dictionary and flashcards
Adjetivos descriptivos. El cuerpo
Picture dictionary and flashcards about clothes in Spanish
U LA LA (ropa, lugares, tiempo)
Spanish picture dictionary and flashcards about fruits
Las frutas
Directions in Spanish picture dictionary for kids
Direcciones y sitios de la ciudad
La ciudad
Wh- questions in Spanish picture dictionary
¿Adónde vas?
Halloween coloring pages and picture dictionary
El invierno, picture dictionary  and flashcards about winter in Spanish
El invierno
Spanish picture dictionary  and flashcards to teach guacamole recipe in Spanish to kids and children
Receta guacamole
Flashcards to teach Spanish numbers from ten to one thousand
Números del 10 al 1000
Notas webinario CI
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