A limpiar

Clean up routine

One of the most important things when you teach is to establish clear routines so your students get use to do some tasks (like cleaning up at the end of the class) automatically. This song is the perfect way to teach a clean up routine to do at the end of class without missing out on valuable time in Spanish!  You can use this song as the signal for the end of class and the start of the clean up process and encourage your students to sing along while they clean up.  

This song will help you to teach high frequency structures like limpiar, ordenar, recoger, cada cosa en su lugar, hasta luego, Etc... Make sure to pause the song at certain parts and ask students questions like ¿Es hora de decir hola o adiós? ¿Reciclan el papel? ¿Ponen cada cosa en su lugar? Take the opportunity to ask personalized questions like ¿Reciclas el papel? ¿Te gusta ordenar tus cosas? ¿Te gusta limpiar? Etc...

Use this song as a routine at the end of Spanish class to have students clean up before they move to the next class. They will learn concepts as  "to clean, recycle, organize" and much more in Spanish