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Browse our selection of original worksheets below that are designed to assist children with learning Spanish. Our Spanish worksheets for kids help teach children the vocabulary for subjects like numbers and colors, feelings, parts of the body, clothing, daily routines , transportation, greetings, seasons, days of the week, professions and much more! 

Spanish short story about Summer to teach high frequency structures to children
verano (historia corta)
Historia corta: Buena energía
Historia corta: aficiones
Spanish short story for kids about daily routines
Historia corta (rutinas diarias)
Short Spanish story for kids about the farm
Historia corta " La granja
Spanish short story for kids about transportation
Short story / historia corta
Spanish short story about friendship
El gato de Paola
Spanish short story about professions
Historia corta: profesiones
Beginning of  Spanish class routine
Rutina comienzo de clase
Spanish Short story for kids with high frequency structures
Rutinas (historia corta)
Short story in Spanish for kids
Colores (Historia corta)
Números y colores
Short story for kids  in Spanish about back to school with high frequency structure
Vuelta al cole (historia corta)
Dia de los muertos worksheet for kids and children Day of the dead in Spanish
Día de los Muertos
Worsheet_La tierra
La Tierra, animales y lugares
Spanish worksheet for kids about back to school
Vuelta al cole
Weather in Spanish worksheet for kids and children
¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?
Spanish worksheet to teach farm animals to kids and children
La granja y sus animales
Tengo hambre (historia corta)
El oso (historia corta)
Short Spanish with high frequency structures story to teach Spanish to kids and children
El pastel de manzana (historia corta)
Camaleón (historia corta)
Short story for kids in Spanish about descriptions
Historia corta (descripciones)
Short Spanish story about the Earth to teach Spanish to children
La Tierra (historia corta)
Spanish vowels worksheet for kids and children
Las vocales
Tapón y el Día de los Muertos
what's your name? How old are you in Spanish
¿Cómo te llamas?
Spanish Worksheet for kids about professions. Spanish for kids.
Las Profesiones
Spanish worksheet for kids about feelings
¿Cómo estás? Sentimientos
Las estaciones
La primavera
Spanish worksheets for children to expand their Spanish vocabulary for words about feelings
Estoy contento. Estados de ánimo
Spanish worksheets for kids teaching them words for parts of the body
Las partes del cuerpo
Spanish worksheet for kids about fruits
Las frutas
Los meses del año
Worksheet about the days of the week for children learning Spanish
Días de la semana
Spanish worksheets for kids to learn the numbers 1 to 50 en Espanol
Los números (1-50)
Wh- questions worsheet in Spanish
¿Adónde vas?
Spanish worksheet for kids to learn numbers in Spanish from ten to a thousand.
Los números (10 al 1000)
Learning Spanish worksheets for kids about daily routines
Un día de escuela. Rutinas
Worksheets for learning Spanish words for descriptions designed for kids
Mi amigo Bob. Descripciones
Spanish speaking countries worksheet for kids and children
Países de habla hispana
 Spanish Worksheet about clothes, places and weather
U LA LA (ropa, lugares, tiempo)
Direcciones y sitios de la ciudad
5 de Mayo worksheet for kids in Spanish
5 de Mayo
Spanish worksheet  for kids and children to teach and learn guacamole recipe
Receta guacamole
El sueño de Timbo
Worksheet for kids to teach and learn vocabulary related to winter, clothes and parts of the body in Spanish
El invierno (Timbo y amigos)
Worksheet to learn about numbers, bugs and animals in Spanish
Números y animales (Timbo)
Worksheet to teach hobbies in Spanish to kids and childre
Aficiones (difícil)
Aficiones (fácil)
Spanish worksheet for kids to learn things related to the city
The city
Crafts to practice colors and wh- questions in Spanish class
Colores y preguntas
Spanish worksheet for kids about going to the doctor
Me duele
How to make an Altar for Día de los Muertos
Plantilla Altar "Día de los Muertos'
hora + rutinas
Craft to work Thanksgiving in Spanish for kids
Manualidad: Acción de Gracias
Spanish worksheet for kids to learn Spanish words and sentences related to directions
Craft for kids to practice rooms of the house in Spanish
Manualidad: mi casa
San Valentín
Template to make a craft about "la ciudad"
Manualidad: la ciudad
Worksheet for kids about friendship
Plantilla "la granja"
Manualidad La Tierra
Craft to practice weather, date and feelings in Spanish
Manualidad: fecha, tiempo + sentimientos
Manualidad: estaciones
Spanish Short story for kids about Winter
Historia corta: el invierno
Spanish crafts for kids
Manualidad: el marcado
Plantilla manualidad primavera
Quiero dormir (historia, parte 2)
La semana de Paola
Quiero dormir (historia parte 1)
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