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Hola amig@s!  We know for many (us included) it’s been a crazy start to a new school year and we hope that even with all of the changes you’ve found ways to adapt and get your kids excited about learning Spanish.  Today’s blog post is written specifically with families in mind, but can be used by anyone who is teaching Spanish to kids ;)

Learn Spanish with Rock A Lingua

Hola amig@s!  Spring is in full force and while a lot of parts of our normal life are canceled, we’re happy to see that so many people are spending time outside, especially on sunny days!  We’re well aware that this period is not the same for everyone and our only hope is that as a whole we’re able to find some space for positivity and growth throughout this new situation.  Here at Rock A Lingua our current focus is on how we can help make this time easier for teachers, kids and parents, and to ensure that everyone who wants to can keep on learning Spanish throughout this time.  Our recorded classes are filmed each week and our goal is to keep them interactive and build on themes throughout the week making the language learning process entertaining and meaningful to the students.  We’ve been thrilled to see how many of you are tuning in and practicing Spanish with us each week :)!

Learning Spanish from home

Hola amig@s!  We know that this is a hard time for all, as schools (and society as we know it) begin to shut down in order to fight against the Coronavirus.  Here at Rock A Lingua we want to do everything possible to help you still reach your students and stay sane during this difficult time.  As you may have seen on Facebook we’re offering a FREE Teacher Pro UPGRADE to all subscribers to help teachers teach remotely during the school closures.  We’re also offering one month of FREE TEACHER PRO ACCOUNTS to any teacher that has to teach from home.  You can assign tasks to students and keep track of their work all from the same, easy to use platform!  If you're new and haven't heard about our LMS, you can check it out in this blog post.


Hola amig@s!  As many of you may already know, we’ve been working hard to create new materials: videos, crafts, worksheets, interactive games and short stories to use in your Spanish classes.  We’re really happy with the results and we’re excited for what’s still to come.  With all of the new short stories for children in Spanish we thought we’d write a blog post with ideas for using them in your kids classes.  As always, we’d love to see how you adapt our materials and hear any ideas you might have.  Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below, on our Facebook page, or tag us on social media!

How to start your Spanish classes for kids in an interactive way!

Hello friends of Rock A Lingua!  By now we hope that you’re fully back in the swing of the school year post-holiday routine and seeing lots of progress in your Spanish classes.  We also hope that our videos and teachings resources are helping to make your job easier and to keep your classes engaged and enjoying the process of learning Spanish.  When I (the blog writer) first started teaching kids classes I completely underestimated the power of a solid beginning of class routine, especially with younger learners and in lower level classes.  Over the years, I’ve found that having a repetitive start to the class gives students the opportunity to settle in and feel comfortable with the change in language, allows shy or unsure students a chance to speak, and sets the tone for the class.   As the year progresses I add new elements to the routine to keep it fresh, but keep the initial foundation or order of activities to help my learners feel in control.  In my classes we start with general information (day, date, weather, feelings) and have now added the “news” section.  We have different ways of working with the information and by adding the “news” time to the routine we make time for those who want to speak more to tell us about something that’s happening now (it could be the actual news or something about their life).  It’s important to note that I only see my classes twice per week and would do my routines differently if I saw them every day, and that the routines and times spent on them varies depending on the level and age of the class.  With that being said, today on the blog we’re sharing some of our ideas on interactive ways to start Spanish class and elements that you can add to your already established routine.  As always, we’d love to hear about how you set the tone for your classes.  You can tell us by either commenting below or on our Facebook page.

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