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As you may  already know we've spent all last year developing a Learning Management System (LMS) for Spanish class. Back in June we tested the LMS with a group of teachers and they LOVED it!  Teachers said that students were super engaged, working on the tasks they had assigned them, and that differentiated instruction was easily implemented with our LMS since teachers can assign tasks to a whole class or to specific students that might need easier or more chanllenging assignments. Check out this minute and a half video to learn everything about it!


With school out for summer what better way to keep up with Spanish than through videos!  Videos are a natural way for learners to interact with the language and if you choose a good one, it doesn’t even feel like you’re learning.  


In language learning worksheets can both help and hinder language production.  Here are some of our recommendations for how to use them and which ones to use in your Spanish classes with kids.

One of our favorite topics to teach is the parts of the body in Spanish. From songs to total physical response activities the possibilities for language exploration are endless and the topic itself practically begs students to take an active role in the learning process, making for a memorable and fun experience in the classroom for both the students and the teacher.  

Whether you’re wrapping up the school year, planning for a summer camp, or already thinking about next year’s Spanish class topics, the months of the year (los meses del año) is one must-have lesson plan for every Spanish teacher.  Learning the months of the year is a necessity for all beginning levels (kids to adults) and can be incorporated into class with some of these dynamic ideas.  


Spanish animal songs appeal to all language learners. Songs to teach vocabulary and explore our relationship to animals, grouped for different ages.


Spanish worksheets have exercises and pictures that can be used for interactive activities. Printable language practice with corresponding songs and videos. 


Farm animal activities in Spanish including songs, games, video, and printable pages. Learn about farm animals and products with interactive Spanish fun. 

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