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Today I am going to write about teaching routines. I like to start my Spanish lessons with the same routine because it helps students focus and  start thinking and interacting in Spanish.


It looks like most teachers are already back in the classerooms so I wanted to keep sharing some useful teaching ideas with all of you. Last week I wrote a post about introductions in Spanish based on the ¿Cómo te llamas? (what's your name? in Spanish) song and video


Summer vacation is coming to an end and that means we teachers have to go back to work. I want to share with you some teaching ideas that will work great during the first days of school... 


¡Hola amigos!

We have uploaded the interactive Spanish games that complete the unit about "Mi casa" 


¡Hola amigos!

Are you teaching fruits in Spanish to your students? well, we have everything you need right here.


¡Hola amigos!

We have a new video, worksheet and picture dictionary ready to Rock this Fall...


Weather is an important topic that I include on my  "classroom routines" at the beginning of every class. My students are always excited about comenting about weather and they now a lot of vocabulary related to it thanks to the

¿Qué tiempo hace hoy? song and video to learn weather in Spanish for kids


¡Hola amigos!

We have added new Spanish games for kids to our Spanish educational website.

A new set of games to teach and learn clothes  , Wh- questions, and professions in Spanish are ready!  As always our games have different levels of difficulty so all students can enjoy them. Take a look at  the screenshots bellow 

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